Despite the issues surrounding the collection of your data and information – which are substantial – the

online world can be harnessed for a large number of positive activities. While the networked world allows for cycberbullying, on the other hand, it allows youth a great opportunity to affect positive change not only in their local communities, but internationally.

Recent years have proven the increasing power of online campaigns on social media platforms to translate that online support to real change on the ground. Online campaigns for social justice, political change, race and gender equality, and efforts to end homophobia and other sexual orientation discrimination are just some of the issues that today’s youth are becoming engaged in, and going on to promote positive change in their communities.

Use the following interactive Timeline to explore moments of Human Rights Online. These include moments of pushback against societal and corporate advertising campaigns, intolerance based on race, sexual orientation, gender, and more. These campaigns highlight the ability of youth to use the online environment for positive change, as well as to support other youth and marginalized communities throughout the world.

Pushback Timeline

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