The development of new online spaces, including social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter provide today’s youth vast opportunities for communication and the sharing of experiences. These social networks have also created many new issues surrounding your privacy, cyberbullying, and the best ways to ensure that your online rights are protected.

Whether you are signing into a social media site to share a photo of your latest trip, checking out the latest viral video, or just messaging friends, infringement on your private data online is a real concern. There are nearly constant attempts by corporations to collect your data, private information, and online behavioural data in order to develop targeted advertisements specifically tailored to your interests, without your specific consent.


Corporate advertising is increasingly encroaching on social media, and the attempts of corporations to blend their brand with your online life is an ongoing problem, especially with developments in behavioural marketing, and the increasing commodification of your data. Suggested pages and videos are the simply the most visible example of this kind of tracking and marketing targeting Internet users.

Beyond the infringement on your online rights by corporations, cyberbullying from other Internet users is just as important an issue. The rapid development of communication technologies and social media platforms has allowed for a sharp increase in targeted abuse online. Confronting cyberbullying in online environments is much more than taking a “Don’t Read the Comments” attitude, but it requires a commitment from all of us to really make a difference.


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