Youth privacy continues to be digital policy issue, and the eQuality team is dedicated to the contributing to directly impacting policy-creation through the development and dissemination of new knowledge that is responsive to policy and community needs. We extend our research outcomes beyond the traditional academic spheres such as journal articles and books to encompass deliverables such as educational and policy outreach materials.

Working closely with external project partners, we will also inform Federal, Provincial, and Territorial policy through our policy and community partners, who are looking for innovative ways to advance policy beyond the “zero-tolerance” approach, and to actively encourage and promote healthy online environments and respect for diversity and equality online.

Privacy and Equality Regulation

Surveillance in the Networked Classroom

  • The eQuality Project co-hosted “Privacy Implications in the Networked Classroom” with the Alberta Teacher’s Association, Big Data Surveillance Project, and, the Office of the Information and and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. The eQuality Project also co-hosted a workshop at the BringIT2017 Conference in Niagara Falls. This daylong workshop aimed to engage education stakeholders and to generate discussion concerning the privacy challenges posed by networked classroom technologies, educational software, and education law and policy designed to protect students from cyberbullying. You can watch the workshop here.

Cyberviolence, Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying