2015 ONSC 7749

In 2015 ONSC 7749, Mr. S was convicted of six of eight offences he had been charged with, including withholding documents to facilitate trafficking (279.03), receipt of material benefit from trafficking (279.02), and human trafficking (279.01(1)). The complainant was an 18-year-old sex worker who went to work for S as an escort. S trafficked the complainant (and other women) and took sexually explicit photographs of her that he posted on When the complainant refused to take photographs for additional advertisements, Mr. S would brutally beat her in front of the other escorts. When the complainant attempted to leave the relationship, S deprived her of her SIN card and other important documents so that she would have to return to him to obtain them or else risk unemployment. His violence against her escalated and the complainant testified for fearing for her life on a daily basis. We have not be able to locate a sentencing decision for this case.


Criminal Offence(s): Human Trafficking and Advertising Sexual Services