2015 ONSC 5563

In 2015 ONSC 5563, the Court ordered that 45 year old Mr. B be held in custody pending trial. B faced seven charges, including sexual assault (s. 271), receiving a material benefit from the commission of human trafficking (s. 279.02(1)), recruiting a minor for the purpose of exploitation (s. 279.01(1), and advertising sexual services of another person (s. 286.4). B was alleged to have coerced a 19 year old woman into going to Toronto with him to act as an escort. M allegedly placed her photo and an advertisement on the internet and brought the complainant to meet with clients at various hotels, where he confined her to her room. Also tendered at the bail hearing was evidence suggesting B had posted numerous Facebook and Instagram posts publicizing the availability of sexual services, as well as text messages between B and a former girlfriend allegedly discussing the recruitment of the complainant as a sex worker. There are two other rulings relating to evidence in this case (2016 ONSC 7641; 2017 ONSC 377).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault