2013 ABPB 66

In 2013 ABPB 66 Mr. A, a 40-year-old man, pleaded guilty to voyeurism for surreptitiously vide-otaping his 15-year-old step-daughter getting dressed on two occasions. Mr. A was also found guilty of voyeurism with the intent to possess child pornography. He hid his cellphone in the victim’s bedroom in a plastic box with a hole in it in order to secretly film her. He initially de-nied the filming was for a sexual purpose, telling his wife and his step-daughter he was trying to film the dog, and later told the police he was trying to view “possible apparitions” in th his step-daughter’s room. Two videos were located on Mr. A’s phone’s SD card, one of which was hidden by a “KeepSafe” app so it would not display in the normal gallery of the phone. Mr. A was sentenced to 5-months incarceration, 2-years’ probation, and was ordered not to possess or use any electronic equipment capable of capturing a digital image.


Criminal Offence(s): Voyeurism