2011 BCCA 221

In 2011 BCCA 221, Mr. B was found guilty of accessing and possessing child pornography at trial.

A joint effort among police agencies in several countries resulted in the arrest of a person who was producing and distributing child pornography of young girls in Italy. A search of that per-son’s records showed a Canadian man, Mr. B, had ordered 25 videos of child pornography by email and that email was connected to Mr. B’s IP address. A police search of his computer resulted in many child pornography videos and evidence he had visited child pornography web-sites.

At trial Mr. B challenged the legality of the search warrant but it was upheld.

He later appealed his conviction and again challenged the legality of the search warrant. His arguments failed and the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.


Criminal Offence(s): Child Pornography Offences