2010 BCPC 417

In 2010 BCPC 417, 39-year-old C pleaded guilty to one count of criminal harassment after stalking a young television actress. Mr. C became fixated on the actress after first seeing her in person when she was only 12 years old. Two years later, he found her Nexopia profile online and began sending her increasingly disturbing messages. When she blocked his account on Nexopia, he contacted her other friends and created aliases to get around the block. When she terminated her Nexopia account, he found her on Facebook and pursued her on that platform. Over the next three years, C sent overtly sexual messages to the actress and stated he wanted to kidnap her for sex. He made physical as well as online advances and once had to be escorted off her network’s premises.

At trial, the Court found that C did not appreciate that his actions were criminal, and held that he posed a high risk to re-offend. C was ultimately sentenced to 18-months imprisonment and 3-years probation. He was ordered to give police officers permission to view logs of his internet activity while on probation, and forbidden from accessing or possessing any pornography. Although C appealed his sentence as being unnecessarily harsh, that appeal was dismissed in 2011.[1]

[1] 2011 BCCA 116.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment