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As a project, eQuality is dedicated to the creation of policy and educational outreach modules in order to better protect youth privacy in networked spaces. We work closely with our community and education partners not only to develop the kinds of outreach materials that best meet the needs of the constituents that they serve, but also to give voice to youth perspectives and to help build capacity within their organizations to deliver education and outreach to address underlying issues of inequality and intolerance. In addition, our empirical work and youth advisory committee will ensure that our outreach and education modules reflect youth’s needs, and resonates with their own experiences. By disseminating these modules through schools and community organizations, we not only promote real change but also help all youth acquire the necessary skills to engage with the digital environment.

Maker Projects: Youth Generated Art and Video:

  • #DisconnectionChallenge
  • Posters

Legal Tools and Resources:

  • Legal Briefs – Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence Caselaw
  • Cyberviolence Caselaw

School & Youth Resources:

  • PushBack Timeline
  • Half Girl, Half Face

Special Events:

eQuality Project’s Valerie Steeves was approached by a group of eight teens working with Queen’s researcher Valerie Michaelson, who were interested in exploring the impact of their own media use on their sense of connection to themselves, others, and nature. They decided to partake in a weeklong media fast, and created the #DisconnectionChallenge.

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Our students are conducting fascinating research as well! Follow the link here in order to keep up to date on the research projects that our students are undertaking.

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Do you have questions regarding the legal ramifications of cyberbullying and cyberviolence? Are you looking for information regarding Canada’s legislative and legal responses to online harassment? Explore the following sections for a survey of past legal decisions, as well as legal responses to cyberbullying and cyberviolence.

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This module is designed to address the question of how Criminal Law can respond to technologically-facilitated Violence Against Women and Girls. Divided by “Behaviour” and “Criminal Offence,” this module provides an in-depth and organized overview of existing case law from across Canada.

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PushBack is a chronicle of how young people themselves have used networked communications to push back against discrimination. These campaigns not only highlight the ability of youth to use the online environment for positive change, but they also show how young people can – and do – support other youth and marginalized communities throughout the world.

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Created by EQ partner MediaSmarts, this workshop is intended for girls in grades 7-9.  It explores many of the online image issues teenage girls may encounter when they use social networks, and can be presented in both school and community settings.

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