The eQuality Project’s resources fall under three categories: Research Projects, Policy Interventions, and School & Community Outreach.

As a project, eQuality’s Research Projects aim to highlight pressing privacy and equality issues that today’s youth encounter online. We are committed to listening to young people and giving them a chance to articulate their own experiences and needs for better online policy and practice. By working closely with young people, we will be better placed not only to inform new digital policies, but also to highlight young people’s experiences in the online environment in order to create new knowledge about privacy and equality issues in the online environment.

Youth Privacy continues to be a digital policy issue, and the focus of many of our Policy Interventions. The eQuality team is dedicated to moving our research beyond traditional academic spheres such as journal articles and books to encompass deliverables such as educational and policy outreach materials. Working closely with external project partners, we will also inform Federal, Provincial, and Territorial policy through our policy and community partners, who are looking for innovative ways to advance policy, and to actively encourage and promote healthy online environments and respect for diversity and equality online.

As a project, eQuality is dedicated to the creation of accessible School & Community Resources in order to better protect youth privacy in networked spaces. Working closely with our partners ensures that we develop outreach modules and materials that best meet the needs of the communities they serve, as well as provide a voice for youth perspectives.By disseminating these modules through schools and community organizations, we not only promote real change but also help all youth acquire the necessary skills to engage with the digital environment.