Maria-Cristina Cavicchia

University of Ottawa

Maria-Cristina is a second year law student at the University of Ottawa (Common Law), and she also holds an honours BA in Criminology from Ryerson University. Her work with the eQuality Project has focused on assessing civil and criminal law responses to technologically-facilitated violence against girls and women. She is currently assisting Professor Jane Bailey and Professor Carissima Mathen at the University of Ottawa with a paper addressing similar issues, as well as with an online resource and research module for the eQuality Project website. Maria is a caseworker with the Women’s Division at the University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic where she helps women experiencing violence receive criminal compensation and manage crisis situations. Her research interests include accessibility, feminist and critical race theory, and corporate diversity.


University of Ottawa

Suzie Dunn is currently a masters of law candidate at the University of Ottawa. She is a research fellow with the eQuality Project and was the recipient of the 2016/2017 Shirley Greenberg Scholarship to pursue feminist research and advance women’s equality. She is also the coordinator for the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action, a national feminist organization that utilizes international human rights treaties to advocate for women’s rights in Canada. Suzie graduated cum laude from the UOttawa common law program in 2015, articled at Nelligan O’Brien Payne, and was called to the Ontario bar in 2016. Prior to attending law school, Suzie worked as a front line worker supporting victims of intimate partner violence and sexualized violence. She also worked with northern youth helping to fulfil their equality rights.

Grace Foran

University of Ottawa

Grace is a first year MA student studying Criminology with a specialization in Women’s Studies at the University of Ottawa, she also holds a Joint Honours BSocSc in Criminology and Women’s Studies. Her MA thesis looks at intimate partner violence in the queer community. Grace is excited to be working with Professor Steeves, and is grateful for the opportunity to work with The eQuality Project.

Chandell Gosse

University of Western Ontario

 Chandell is a third year PhD candidate in Media Studies at Western University. Her research focuses on the intersections of digital spaces and social life. Chandell’s dissertation research looks at the impact of cybermisogyny on women’s engagement with online spheres. In addition to her involvement with the eQuality project as a research assistant to her supervisor, Dr. Jacquie Burkell, she is also involved with two side projects that focus on diversity within the video game industry and digital online activism.

Roderick Hawes-Ospina

University of Ottawa

Roderick is an MA student in Criminology and Women’s Studies from the University of Ottawa. His thesis looks to examine the how women experience the harassment they are targeted with on social media. He is currently assisting Valerie Steeves with a literature review on online advertising to children, an investigation of YouTube Kids Canada information practices, and administrative support in SSRN and Mendeley.

Elsa T. Khwaja

George Mason University

Elsa T. Khwaja is a graduate research assistant and PhD student at the George Mason University School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs, in Arlington, VA, USA. Her doctoral research involves international development policy and the nexus between social capital and aid-effectiveness in fragile and conflict-affected states, focusing on the relational dynamics of donor and recipient networks of rural development interventions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has worked in the development field for several years, previously at Chemonics International as an Associate in the Afghanistan and Pakistan Division and the Southern Africa Division in DC. Prior to that, she was a Brent Scowcroft Award Fellow at the Aspen Strategy Group. Khwaja is working with Dr. Priscilla Regan on a literature review examining big data through an intersectionality lens, currently focused on big data in education, educational technology marketing and the potential impact of privacy issues and discrimination on youth.

Lauren Middlemiss

University of Ottawa, UROP student

Lauren Middlemiss is an undergraduate student studying Honours Psychology with a minor in Criminology at the University of Ottawa. She has an interest in studying the development of behaviours and the impacts of their environments. Currently she is working with Valerie Steeves through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

Trevor Milford

Carleton University

Trevor Milford is in the third year of his PhD in Sociology at Carleton University. His dissertation looks at how equality and inequality are framed within GamerGate, with an emphasis on how experiences of harassment can be analysed through an intersectional lens. He also has an interest in intersectional and feminist surveillance studies, and co-organised a workshop on intersectional surveillance studies at Queen’s University in June 2015. Trevor has worked with The eGirls Project since its beginning and analysed an eGirls focus group for his MA thesis; he’s excited to continue his feminist engagement during his work with The eQuality Project.

Sara Shayan-Yeganeh

University of Ottawa

Sara Shayan is second year law student at the University of Ottawa (Common Law Section). Her work with the eQuality Project has looked at cyberviolence, systematic government access to private sector data, and legal responses to online hate and harassment.